The Shocking Revelation of How To Access Dark Web 2020

Once in a while, We all have heard about Dark Web. Is it Illegal to browse The Dark Web? Or How to access Dark Web? Or its a Myth?

Most probably you searched it on Google and you have landed up here. I would request you to don’t skip a single line of this article because we are going to give each and every small detail about The Dark Web.

If you are not having much knowledge about Dark Web, Do not try to enter the Dark Web before reading this article.


We can say that internet is categorized into 3 types :

1. Surface Web
2. Deep Web
3. Dark Web


>>Surface Web

Surface Web (also called Visible Web) is the portion of the World Wide Web that is readily available to the general public and searchable with web search engines.

Most of the experts say that the Surface web is just 1% of the World Wide Web(www).

For Example Facebook, Google, Yahoo
All these websites are available on the Surface Web. It can be easily accessed by any browser and there is nothing illegal about accessing these websites.

>>Deep Web

You might have heard different concepts of What Deep Web Is. Let me clear it for you once and for all.
The Deep Web is the non-visible part of the World Wide Web. It is highly protected by some paywalls or you need to be authorized to use the data inside Deep Web. It is generally not available by a normal search engine.

For Example Banking data (Banking data is not accessed using a google search, You need to be an authorized person to access your account)

>>Dark Web

Dark Web requires specific software, configurations, or authorization to access its contents. Dark Web is used for accessing most of the illegal things as it is very difficult to trace the contents of the Dark Web.

For Example, Selling Drugs or Ammunition online. (These things are not sold online on Surface Web because it can be easily tracked in a few minutes. However, Dark Web keeps there anonymity for life )

How To Access Dark Web?

Accessing Dark Web isn’t a cup of tea for everyone out there. Dark Web is not available on any search engine. I will tell you a step by step guide on how you should access the dark web and what precautions you should take before accessing Dark Web.

dark web access

Also, Do not try to access it on your own. I repeat, Do not try to access Dark Web. It can really risk your life. Not only this but the higher authorities which keep track of cybercrime and local police authorities also keep an eye on the people who try to access the Dark web.


The only possible way to keep yourself anonymous is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). In simple words, VPN works by routing your device’s internet connection through your chosen VPN’s private server rather than your ISP (Internet Service Provider) so that when your data is transmitted to the internet, it comes from the VPN rather than your computer.
This will keep you anonymous from getting tracked to your IP.

The sad thing is that The free VPN Softwares available does not actually work. You need to loosen up some real cash to use VPN.
If you are ready to spend some money. I will drop a link to the best of VPN software. This is purely for your safety. This can assure you that you won’t be tracked by any higher authorities for whatever you do on the Dark Web.

Download VPN

>>Tor Browser

One more thing, Which you will require to access Dark Web is Tor Browser. The name “TOR” is derived from the original project name “The Onion Router”.

Tor is a free and open-source browser by which you can easily access the websites which are not available on normal search engines. Also, Tor protects a user’s privacy but does not hide the fact that someone is using Tor.

Download Tor

What Is So Disturbing About Dark Web?

Dark Web is a hub for all the illegal activities across the globe. What it contains is going to blow your minds.

Dark Web is handled mostly by the hackers and terrorists groups.

>>Hire A Contract Killer

dark web access

It is not a big deal to hire a Hitman to kill someone of your choice if you have a lot of money ( In the form of Bitcoin ). One of their policy states that the person who has to die should not be a famous personality like Actor or Politician.

>>Buy Drugs Online

One can order all types of drugs online and that will be delivered to the customer’s location. All the transaction is to be done via Bitcoin.

>>Buy Army Grade Weapons

As Amazon provides a lot of variety of products, Dark Web also has some websites which provide a lot of variety of guns and weapons ( from Ak-47 to grenades ) which will be delivered right to your doorstep just like Amazon does it.

>>Hire High Class Escorts

Yes, You can also hire Escort Services from the dark web. As of now, it is only available in some countries. Currently, escort services are active in the United States, Canada & United Kingdom.

>>Watch Live Torture : Red Rooms

dark web access

This is the most disturbing thing which is available on Dark Web. If you want to read more about Red Rooms, Check out our latest blog about : Horrifying Things That Happen When You Are In Red Room Dark Web

>>Trade Human Organs

Organs are in high demand. One can buy Human Organs online who do not want to wait for the hospitals to arrange it for them. Just keep this in mind that they are not procured as the hospitals do it.

>>Human Slaves

dark web access

The Dark Web is considered to be one of the hotspots for Human Trafficking. Dark Web is having a lot of forums where you can discuss how to make human trafficking more effective.

>>Fake Documents

Most of the fake passports and other identity cards are made on Dark Web.

This is just an overview of what services are available on the Dark Web. Dark Web has many other mysteries and other things which can not be revealed here.

Government Reaction On Dark Web

The Government is trying there best to catch people who are actually behind the Dark Web. Also, the people who use Dark Web are monitored on their every activity.

dark web access

Some countries also have special cell monitoring these activities. Most of the people who use Dark Web uses a VPN and hence making themselves untraceable.

Conclusion: Should You Access Dark Web?

dark web access

The Dark Web doesn’t have any boundaries on what is legal and what is illegal. One of your slight moves can completely change your life. It is all upon you if you should access it or not.

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