binomo scam

Unmasking The Binomo Scam | Binomo Fraud Exposed

Binomo Scam

Let’s talk about an App called Binomo. Surely you must have heard about this new, sensational way to earn thousands of dollars with the help of Binomo Scam.

All it takes is just a few seconds of your time and with only a few clicks, you get double the amount you had initially invested (or even more than that).

binomo scam

Something seems off right?

Well, let us assure you by saying that something is definitely fishy, and we are here to talk facts. Binomo is a scam, which needs to be exposed for what it actually is.

What Is Binomo App?

In case you had no clue about Binomo App, let us give you a quick summary of what the company is all about.

This company was founded in the year 2014. The exact operating location of the company is unknown as they have not disclosed their address.

It is the age of the internet, one might argue and Binomo App is an online platform to trade in stocks. Why do we need a registered address for such a company anyway?

Well, To establish the legitimacy of any company, a proper and registered address is mandatory.

Yes, you will find an address on their website, along with a parent company called Dolphin Corp and Pollack Trade Ltd, (another related company to Binomo Trade) but anyone with average googling skills can figure out that there is something shady going on.

Just search for yourselves if you don't trust us on this.

By far, the company has grown exponentially as they give out online stock trading advice like it is only a cup of tea.

binomo scam

Binomo Trade bluntly makes fake promises and will count you the advantages of making money with their app, but it all seems to us as one of the biggest online scams.

Well, now you have an idea what the company is about, we will be providing you a proof of everything that we are going to talk about.

So stay tuned till the last.

We would also suggest you share these with your friends and family as more and more people are falling into these scams every single day.

The chances are slim that you had never heard about this online money-making scheme before today.

Binomo App earns a lot from its operations than one can ever imagine and they also have a large, highly skilled, and dedicated team to handle every social media platform and a special team to deal with all the negative feedback, comments and other posts or blogs which is even slightly against them.

binomo scam

The Internet is full of many legitimate ways to earn money but you should never fall into such traps which ensures you money in seconds or just by tapping on your screen and getting double the amount.

Who doesn’t want easy money? Just invest a very small amount and Binomo Trade promises to earn you double or triple.

Let us clear this fact to you that this is not possible.

If you want to earn money by investing you should invest in mutual funds, or connect through a genuine stockbroker.

Earning from just clicking over a graph, where you hardly even understand anything is not going to end in your favor in the long or short term.

Target Audience Of Binomo India

Binomo Scam targets anyone who is trying to earn money.

If you simply even search something over the internet related to money, or on how you could earn money, We are sure you might have come across their ad.

It generally goes like – You can have your dream bike, big house, and what not just like this so and so the person does because he or she invested with Binomo Trade and made a few clicks to become rich.

Let us take a look at the demographies that are bound to fall for these kinds of money traps:


The youth who is studying high schools and colleges don’t really have a stable earning yet. And in this era, everybody knows that the internet has got the answers to all their troubles.

So, if you are under a money crunch, and the internet suggests you some ways to make quick money, you are surely going to give it a try.

Once you get in this Binomo scam, you will enter into an endless cycle of huge losses and just enough gains that keep you interested to invest more and more.

binomo scam


People who came on the internet a little late and are just getting a hang of it.

They lack information about internet scams and illegitimate money schemes, fall into these traps.

The idea to get started into investing small amounts seems enticing and they too are surely going to give it a try.

binomo scam

How Binomo Scam Convinces You To Invest?

Binomo App has made up a whole environment where they could just lie about themselves and no one questions.

Their Public image seems so pristine and flawless to the point that it seems fake.

You can try any social media, and you will surely find plenty of “AGENTS” who are promoting the Binomo App.

binomo scam

Let us offer you some actual examples, as proof so you could figure out the stuff on your own.


Binomo India‘s main target to attract customers is through YouTube.

As almost everyone is spending time being quarantined, and people generally watch youtube to pass their time, Binomo App has invested a lot of amount in its promotion on YouTube.

>> But wait, you think you will just see a random ad on YouTube?

No, Not only this. Binomo app is giving the most viewed YouTubers and influencers a customized account of Binomo trade, which whenever demo-ed, will always be showing gains.

It builds this fake idea inside the viewer’s brain that it is going to make a lot of money.

Aside from banking on the very loyal fan following of the said YouTuber, Binomo Scam is also able to win customers through them.

Pause such videos and think rationally for a moment here, because you are really naive if you think online trading is this easy and will always end in gains.

Binomo Scam is working hard to get featured in most of the YouTube channels so that it can attract more of their audience.

YouTube has become a great platform, with a cult following and a one-stop solution for all things.

Everyone has their own favorite YouTuber who inspires them, but we feel what these YouTubers are doing in promoting such Apps is just wrong on a lot of levels.

Let us give you some videos where it is featured.

These YouTubers have a lot of subscribers and you can look at their video, promoting Binomo Scam.

>>Thugesh :
Currently, This channel has 1.25 Million subscribers.

Credit: Thugesh

Currently, This channel has 4,43,000 subscribers

Credit: NeuzBoy

Currently, This channel has 3.08 Millions subscribers.


Not only this, but you can also search for “Binomo Trade” and you will come across these results:

binomo scam
binomo scam
binomo scam

I bet you watch all these videos and check for yourself if someone actually lost any money?

That won’t be happening ever as it is promoted by Binomo App themselves, and the Youtubers are given some special accounts which can only gain and never lose anything.


Have a look at the screenshot provided below, This is just one of the person, You are going to find a lot of influencers available on Quora who will make you fall into the Binomo Trade Scam.

binomo scam
Credit: Quora
binomo scam
Credit: Quora

These people have just one mission to be on Quora, That is just to brain wash your mind and make you fall for the Binomo Trade Scam.


Instagram doesn’t allow promotion of any link but Binomo Scam is also popular on Instagram.

binomo scam
Credit: rifaimedina
binomo scam
Credit: rifaimedina


You can check yourself for the hashtag #binomo and you will find plenty of results from different people on how they just earned millions from The Binomo trade app.


Facebook is having a lot of groups which run this Binomo Scam in the name of earning money and strategies which one could adapt to make heavy earning from Binomo App.

Facebook do not allows any kind of spam or inappropriate content to be published , Hence everyone tries to attract customers to join Telegram or Whatsapp Groups where they could increase this Binomo Scam.

binomo scam
binomo scam

What Do They Get From This?

Everyone who is promoting Binomo App is getting approx 1 to 5 lakhs just by showing or promoting this application.

Not only the promotion fees, They also get a revenue of 70% of what the user has invested from their referral link.

This means, If you have invested Rs 100 from the referral of any of a YouTube influencer or anyone else then you are giving your Rs 70 to the influencer who made you signup for the Binomo app and other remaining Rs 30 is of Binomo trade company.

So why not?

This is a lot of money that can make you disloyal to your subscribers or followers.

Here’s the screenshot from binomo companies official affiliate website:

binomo scam
Credit: binpartner
Credit: binpartner

Few People Who Tried To Reveal Truth

Not everyone is disloyal to their followers, There are few influencers who tried to bring this truth in front of others.

Let me show you some of them with proofs, They =are already very rich and doesn’t really promote anything which will be not beneficial to their followers.

>>Technical Guruji


>>Binary Options

Attractive Features of Binomo App

>>Trade Amount Starting From ₹70

Binomo App has set the minimum value which you can use to start trading at Rs 70. This is very low in today’s time. Everybody thinks that they try their luck for Rs 70 and there is no loss in such a small amount.

The huge mastermind plan behind this is that lakhs of people invest this small amount daily and the company earns a profit on the whole amount because you are not going to get anything from that 70 Rs.

>>Simple and Convenient

Binomo App makes you believe that it is a very simple technique to earn money and very convenient as you can use your smartphone or tablet or laptop anything which is easily accessible for you. But let me clear this fact for you that you are just going to lose everything, in the long run, no matter what you earn.

>>Demo Account With $1,000

Binomo App provides you a demo account that contains $1000. Can you just imagine how big is that number? And will any company give out this much money for free to Lakhs of people? Really? Is it possible?

This is their main strategy where they try to attract everyone’s attention. We hope you are aware that this $1000 is demo money just like their demo account.

The demo account will show you dreams that you are able to earn a lot and a lot of money which will basically convince you to invest real money and switch to the real account.

binomo scam
Credit: Binomo

Once you switch to the real account the binomo app will automatically starts acting weird and lags a lot. It will basically just loot you of your every penny you invest.

You will be shocked by the results for sure. So we will keep on emphasizing one thing that don’t fall into the trap of Binomo Scam.

Why They Are Not Banned From Doing This?

The main reason behind this is that online trading is legal just as we invest in mutual funds or any other banks or funds.

However, this dirty game is played by Binomo App to earn a heavy amount of money.

Binomo scam does qualify for all the trades but however, they have made some changes in the real account which will make you lose always.

What If You Are Scammed?

If you are suffered from Binomo Scam, no one could help you because the company have clearly mentioned in their terms and condition and everywhere on their website that they are not responsible for any kind of loss of the customer.

Don’t believe me?
The below-mentioned screenshot is of the companies official website:

binomo scam
Credit: binomo

Binomo Trade clearly mentions that they are not at all responsible for any losses or any other damages due to their app or website.



At the end of this article, I just want everyone to keep yourself away from this app and share this information with your friends and family because all this is increasing day by day.

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