Can iPhone Get Virus? 7 Guaranteed Precautions You Need To Take For 2020

Apple iPhone is the most sold and loved phone in today’s generation. Everybody wants to get there hands on the new iPhone as soon as they get launched. But, The important question is “Can iPhone get virus?”, “Are iPhones safe?” This question has various answers everywhere you go looking for them. We will get to know the depth of it by talking facts.

Can iPhone Get Virus?

It is not easy for someone to breach the security guidelines which are followed by Apple. They are known for their Security and Privacy features.

Apple is considered one of the Big Five technology companies.

For those who are curious, Other 4 Big Technology companies are :

  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Facebook

The first question which surely came to your head is can iPhone get a virus? You might be a little shocked but the answer is YES. It is difficult to defect an iPhone from Viruses like Malware but it is possible to do so.

7 Precautions You Need To Take In 2020 To Save Your Apple Devices

I would highly recommend you to read all the 7 Precautions carefully. So that you stay safe from all the new ways of getting your data leaked online on the internet.

1. Keep your iPhone updated. You should download and install all the updates which apple provides.

It is recommended by Apple that you should always turn on Automatic Updates. You can locate that in :

Settings > General > Software Update > Automatic Updates > On.


2. Never ever, Connect your device to public WiFi.

There is always some situation and we need the internet as soon as possible because the work can not wait. This will lead us to connect to public WiFi.

Any information you share or access on the public WiFi networks is as good as gone. There is always a hacker to steal your information just in a couple of seconds. That is all they need.


3. You got some fancy email stating you won 1000$?

That is just a way to make you click the link provided so that the virus can find its way to your device. You are not more than a few clicks away to make your iPhone flooded with deadly viruses. Always check for the recipient of the email you received. If it is familiar then go ahead open it but still, I would suggest you think twice about this. There are high chances that you might lose your device access for a long time.


4. You ever had a thought of using Jailbreak to download unauthorized apps?

One should never use Jailbreak to install and download unauthorized apps. As it gives permission to breach the security of your device. There is no possible way to make your device better once you Jailbreak. Also, If you visit the world-class apple company’s Service Station, They won’t be able to fix your device. Also the warranty privacy policy clearly mentions that it is against their policy.

can iphone get virus

5. Make sure your AirDrop Receiving is Turned off.

Keeping your AirDrop On and Discoverable for everyone is a very huge risk you are dealing with. I would suggest you check if that setting is turned off on your device. From a recent study 87% of people forget to Turn Off their AirDrop visibility. You can locate that in :

Setting > General > AirDrop > Receiving Off .


6. Do you ever get a bad feeling from an app you download from the app store?

Whenever you install a less popular, less known app from the iOS app store, Beware of the permission required during the setup of your app. You can deny the permission request which you are not comfortable sharing with the app. Most of the time, The apps will also ask for the permissions of some of your other information. Example: Chrome asking for Contact permission. It is recommended that you should deny such permission for the safety of your iPhone. You can check the permissions granted for a specific app from :

Setting > Privacy and you can disable or unable the permissions.


7. Do not visit websites that promote Piracy of any software or movies.

Piracy websites have different sources to earn money as they have a lot of visitors. They are so smooth in stealing your data and downloading malicious data in your device. You won’t be able to track such malicious data very soon unless it starts eating your iPhone from inside. If you have visited such websites already, I would suggest you to erase the website data by :

Setting > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.


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