6 Google Chrome Extension That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Chrome is the most widely used web browser and also the most favorite of people using the internet for hours for browsing or working.

The Chrome browser was first released as a stable version on December 11, 2008. Now it supports 43 different languages, and used all over the globe.

Chrome is considered to be the favorite of all the people surfing the internet for hours. There are several things that make it a favorite for everyone.

The main reason behind the fast working of the Chrome browser is that it uses more CPU, making it much faster than other browsers in the market.

Chrome is not only most widely used over desktop or laptop but it is also preferred to be used on mobile, tablets as well.

Chrome has a lot of features that are not supported by different browsers. Not only for the users, but Chrome offers a ton of features for developers too.

The most important thing about Chrome is that it is a product of Google, and who doesn’t trust Google for faster and smooth browsing experience?

We have come up with 6 new most widely used Google Chrome extensions which can make your life much easier than before. These Google Chrome extensions can be used by anyone who uses Chrome browser for a better browsing experience.

All the Google Chrome extensions mentioned below are selected on the basis of a survey conducted by 400 people for one month and how Chrome made their life easy and much productive than before.

>> Honey: Unlocks the internet’s best deals

Are you bored of searching coupon codes whenever you try to buy something online?

Well, Honey got you covered. Honey has a coupon code for almost every website you visit. It supports more than +100 websites. The time you will go to the checkout page, Honey will automatically try different coupon codes which provides the most of the discount.

google chrome extension

You no more need to check all the buggy websites when you want to go purchase something online.

The most interesting thing about Honey is that it doesn’t sell your online data to third party websites, unlike other extensions.

Ryan Hudson, co-founder of Honey browser extension built to buy Pizza cheaper for his kids. Now has +10 million downloads.

Credit: Honey

Download Honey

>> Grammarly: Your writing, at its best.

Grammarly is the best tool to avoid all the typos you make by mistake and check your spellings in realtime. Having Grammarly is as good as having a second eye over the content you write.

Grammarly will provide you suggestions on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and nearly everywhere else where you will find yourself writing.

google chrome extension

Grammarly is preferred to be installed in all the big organizations to avoid any silly mistakes or typos because it is very crucial when you write a formal email to someone to avoid any mistakes.

Grammarly is free and it got you covered for all the basic needs for your writing stuff. I really never felt the need of purchasing the premium version.

You can also visit their official website by clicking here to upload a file or write your content online over the website to check for errors.

The best thing about Grammarly is that it will understand your tone and suggest words accordingly. Hats off to their AI!

Credit: Grammarly

Download Grammarly

>> Todoist: The to do list to organize work & life

Nowadays, Everyone spends most of their time browsing the internet, watching videos or series back to back. In this daydreaming, we are more likely to forget some other important work which is scheduled for us.

google chrome extension

Thanks to todoist to rescue in such situations. Todoist is a simple basic chrome extension that can be used to write your ‘Todos‘ instantly right when they get in your head.

The best thing about todoist is that you can create projects about the todo’s which are to be performed every week and also delegate tasks to a family member, friends or co-worker.

Credit: Todoist

Download Todoist

>> Full Page Screen Capture: Name says it all

Full Page Screen Capture is one of the best Chrome extension for taking a full-page screenshot. It is one of the highest-rated screenshot tool with more than 5 million users.

What makes it different from other screen capturing extensions is because of its high definition Screenshots, which can be also saved as PDF, png, jpg etc.

google chrome extension

Not only this, but you can also edit the screenshot before saving it to your local machine. You can even add smilies, stickers or write a text over the screenshot.

All these features make Full Page Screen Capture more user friendly and trust me, It is very easy to use.

Credit: Full Page Screen Capture

Download Full Page Screen Capture

>> Stands Fair Adblocker : Detect & Block Ads

Fed up of annoying ads? Stands Fair Adblocker is a one-stop solution to all the annoying ads which keep popping up while you are on a browser.

google chrome extension

Stands Fair Adblocker not only blocks ads but also protects our privacy from getting tracked by several websites which include trackers and malware.

One more advantage of having an ad blocker is that it enhances our browsing experience by decreasing page load time of the websites which contains heavy ads.

A Stands CEO Roy Rosenfeld says “We don’t track you and we prevent others from tracking you”

5 Things You Should Know Before Installing Stands Fair Ad blocker in 2020

Credit: Stands

Download Stands Fair Adblocker

>> Dark Reader: Enable Dark Mode On All Websites

Sticking to a computer screen for long hours with your bare eyes can really damage your eyes. Dark Reader is a must-have extension installed on your chrome.

google chrome extension

The dark reader is an eye care extension, keeping care of your eyes while you stay focused on your work and browsing stuff.

Dark Reader allows you to control contrast, brightness and many other features.

Not only you can dim the lights, but also you get the option to edit the font and size of a specific website.

Credit: Dark Reader

Download Dark Reader

So, These were the best of Chrome Extensions reported for the year of 2020.

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