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AWS Launches Amazon Honeycode: Get Started Now!

Have you heard about Amazon’s new codeless development platformAmazon Honeycode” which is released on Wednesday, 25th June 2020, and landed up here?

Well, we are going to discuss everything in this article about Amazon Honeycode. Currently, Honeycode is available in the beta version.

What Problem Will Amazon Honeycode Solves?

A brand new offering from AWS Amazon Honeycode related to all the small and big organizations as every organization has unique requirements for running its business, Each has teams that perform important business functions such as :

> Approving budgets

>Managing events

>Following customer activity

>Surveying Users

>Tracking Task Progress

All these functions involve tracking data over time and managing workflows with multiple people and often across multiple teams or organizations managing those functions is often done manually today.

You and your team have work to manage, data to report, and goals to crush.

But whether it’s managing a project or tracking customers, you may lack “one-size- fits-all” software that wasn’t built for your team’s specific business needs.

Still not sure about the concept? Here’s an example:


They weren’t designed to adapt to your business. They’re not great for syncing data across teams, everyone’s forced to see the same view, and they’re hard to use on mobile devices.

You might try Project Management Tools, but they’re hard to customize as your business changes.

What if you had an application that was designed specifically for your team’s business needs?

What if you had the power to create it yourself?

That is what Amazon Honeycode do

Credit: Amazon AWS

With Honeycode, You can easily build custom business apps that help your team manage work without programming.


You could run a budget approval process where approvers review requests made through an app.

When requests are approved, your team sees live updates in the app and each person only sees data they’re authorized to see.

With Honeycode, you can build an app for you and your team with a visual editor.

Features of Amazon Honeycode

amazon honeycode

Stay In The Loop

Honeycode apps help your team stay in the loop. Employees can share real-time data instantly with everyone on your team.

As your business needs to evolve you can make changes to the app and the updates will be rolled out to your team immediately.

Personalize The Experience

Honeycode apps can also be personalized to each member of your team. You can configure your app so each team member only sees the data they need to see.

Mobile Friendly

You can also build your honey code apps for both mobile devices and web browsers so your team can work from anywhere.

Automate Manual Steps

Honeycode apps help you automate manual steps. You can set up the apps to automatically notify people when they updates or remind people when it’s their turn to take action.

Step-By-Step: Build Your Amazon Honeycode Business App

Set Up Your Business Data & Tables

You can import data from a CSV file or add new data directly.
Tables work like spreadsheets but have database like capabilities.

You can easily sort filter and link data together to create dynamic views and dashboards that update in real-time as data changes.

Use The App Builder

Amazon Honeycode has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to create the layout for your app to add content and data from the tables.

Add Personalization & Automation

Personalization feature lets you restrict what each user sees in the app, So each person can see only specific data.

Automation lets you set up actions that run automatically whenever specific conditions are met such as when data is updated.

Share The App

Share the app with your team, So everyone can work together on the go from a mobile or from their desktop.

Amazon Honeycode is completely free for teams of up to 20 users and 2,500 rows per workbook.

amazon honeycode

Amazon Honeycode helps you get started because it has included pre-built templates.

Try Amazon Honeycode Now

You can also join the community forum to connect with other builders and learn from one another. Here’s the link below:

Honeycode Community

This is how you build a better way to work

The most important thing is, This is a free software.

Will Amazon Honeycode Hurt Developers?

Do you think that this means the end of software development for small business development?

The answer is NO!

Not even close because which you will see is that these code list platforms have limited capabilities at the end of the day.

You’re still gonna have to write some code. So, Yes they are tools worth looking into if you’re looking develop a business based app.

So if you’re a freelance developer for example I would go look see what the offering is and check what honey code can do and see what it can’t do. 

We don’t expect Amazon Honeycode or any web development tool to replace the need for developers anytime soon as we expect that the demand for developers is only going up.

All the reports show that in fact there’s going to be a lot fewer developers.

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