How To Know WiFi Password Instantly In 60 seconds?

Do you have a habit to forget silly passwords that you keep when you set up your WiFi for the first time? Or You want to login to your new device and you forgot the password of your home wifi? And you are curious about How To Know WiFi password?

I do get how it feels and the need for WiFi at the earliest but you are unable to access it without knowing its password.


You probably will get the following first thoughts in your brain:

“The only option you are left with now is to contact Internet Service Provider (ISP) to ask for steps to reset your password of the router which is a very long process.”


“Just reset the router with the only button it has on the back ( Make sure you never reset your router without consulting it with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) because many times they have made some changes which are difficult to track down on ourself.)”

But, You did the right thing. The Internet got all your questions answered.

This article got you covered. In the next 60 seconds, you will know how to know your WiFi password without much effort.

Timer Starts Now

The trick is very simple and can be performed in less than 60 seconds, I will give you a step by step demonstration for every step on How To Know WiFi password.

This trick will work for all Windows devices from Windows 7 to Windows 10 pro.

The only pre-requisite is that your windows device should be connected to your Wifi (Which is very obvious).

The fastest way on how to know your WiFi password is by using a command prompt. The other method which can be used is by going through your wifi setting, Which can be complicated and time consuming.

How to Know Wifi Password By 1 Command

1. Make sure you know the name of your Wifi correctly without any mistake. It really doesn’t matter whats the name of your wifi as far as you can type it with your keyboard.


2. Open Command prompt.
There are many ways in which you can open the command prompt. The easiest way I found in Windows 10 is by :

cmd” in “Type here to search

You can also open command prompt in every windows device is by :

Windows logo key + R

3. Once you have opened the command prompt, You just need to copy paste a command given below and press ENTER by changing the name of your Wifi and removing the single quotes ‘wifi-name’ and replace it with the name of yours Wifi. In case, If you feel difficulty in copy-pasting it, You can simply type the command to make the work done for you.

netsh wlan show profile name=’wifi-name’ key=clear

In the screenshot provided, the name of wifi is “BOLT” So, We replaced it with ‘wifi-name’.

4. Now you will be able to see a lot of details about your Wifi profile and its information.
Search for the word which says:

Key Content: ********

And, here we are. The letters written in front of “Key Content” is your password of WiFi.

How to Know Wifi Password By Control Panel

1. Open Control Panel.
There are many ways in which you can open the Control Panel. The easiest way I found in Windows 10 is by :

control panel” in “Type here to search

2. In Control Panel, You will see an option which says “Network and Internet“. Below that click on :

View network status and tasks

3. Now, You will be able to see your basic network connection information ( Like the name of your network, type, etc ).

Left-click on the name of your Wifi just in front of :


4. Once you left-click on the name of your WiFi, You will be able to able to see the general connection properties of your WiFi. Now click:

Wireless Properties

4. A new window will popup, showing 2 tabs i.e., Connection & Security.

Go to Security tab

5. Under the Security tab, click on “Show character” and the letters mentioned in front of the “Network Security key” is your WiFi Password.

 ☑ Show character

So these are the two simple ways on How To Know WiFi Password or How To View WiFi Password in Window 10 which you can share among your friends to make sure that next time if someone forgets their WiFi password, they do know how to deal with it within seconds peacefully.

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