7 Mind-Blowing Strategies For Instagram Business Accounts

Do you use Instagram ? Well, Who doesn’t use it, Right?

But what another important question for today is, Have you ever had a small business plan of selling a product or service online or offline? Have you heard about the Instagram Business account?


I’ll be surprised if you have not yet heard about the Instagram business account till now.

Trust me, an Instagram business account can help you boom your business in no time. We are going to discuss all the strategies which you need to follow to make your business grow on Instagram via Instagram’s business account.

You will be amazed with the results within a week. The only thing required is you to be serious about the Instagram business profile.

I’m going to show you my favorite Instagram tips, tricks, tactics, and strategies for organic customer generation so by the end of this blog you’ll be able to grow your business on the Instagram business account without buying followers, using bots or resorting to any other shady practices.


Social media evolved so much and Instagram has become a really important business tool and it is booming and it’s becoming one of the best channels to get leads organically if you play the game right.

Let us dive into the 7 strategies to grow your Instagram business account today:

Build The Content

What you post and when you post it are the 2 most important elements of any good content strategy.

Let us have a look at some tips on how to create a content strategy that works.

Have you ever gone through some of the Instagram Business accounts that look great even if you haven’t opened any of those images?

That is exactly what a good content theme is called.

You need to stick to a theme to make everything look clean and something you’d want to browse.

It can either have a color palette or you can simply relate it to your brand colors to make it look relatable. You can also plan a sequence or type of posts which should be posted. This will take your daily pressure off to decide what can be posted and when because you’ve already pretty planned it out.

You should have a look to some of Instagram business account mentioned below :


Optimize Your Bio

Instagram Business account bio is what your audience is gonna see first and that’s why it’s important to really make the most of it on the first instance.

So what goes to an Optimized Instagram Bio?

  • The most important is the photo you choose, make sure the photo you choose for the Instagram business account is easy to read and it’s adapted to that round space dedicated to a profile photo.
  • If you are a business coach or if you run a personal brand and you use your name as your brand, just use a really great photo of your self. Include keywords in your name or your hashtags in your bio description.
  • Then it comes about the one link, Your one chance for where you can drive people, You can think of where you want to direct people is it your homepage, Is it a landing page for a specific offer, or maybe a linktree (It can help you drive people to some of your best pages). Make sure you use this link wisely which can drive sales to you.
  • Make sure you use the right business category and you need to dress up your bio a little bit rather than saying something like “We’re a gift shop” You need to show how you’re different from the other businesses in your niche.
  • You need to be specific so let the people know what problem you solve or the transformation you bring to the table.

Tip: The use of emojis can be really helpful because the characters you get for your bio section are not very long so make the most of it with those emojis, They actually bring it to life a little bit more as well.

Use of Hashtags

Instagram hashtags give you a chance to be found by new people searching for your topic.


It is highly recommended for you to make a list of your desired keywords and then type them into the search of Instagram and how many that are gonna start showing you a lot of related tags and how many of each there are in other words for any given hashtag how many other posts are using it.

This is going to give you a sense of the competition level involved and a good strategy here involves using several tags from every level of popularity.

  1. Use some hashtags with millions of posts.

  2. Use some hashtags with hundreds of thousands of posts.

  3. Use some hashtags with tens of thousands.

  4. Use some of the real niche ones with maybe a thousand or fewer posts.

I would suggest you to keep them all in a spreadsheet and then you’re gonna just pick out twenty or thirty of the ones that are most fitting for your individual post.

Examples :


Audience Generated Content

You don’t have to create all the content yourself, The best strategy involves using at least some content that comes right from your audience it can be anything from :

  • Photos of customers enjoying your product or service.

  • Video testimonials of your photo or service.

This will boost your brand acting as social proof that other people have bought from you and liked what you had

You can then repost the posts or stories on your account for your followers to see but the people doing that original posting on their account which increases your reach organically getting you more followers and then in time paying customers or clients but you can’t just pray and hope that this happens especially if you’re a small business.


You need to offer incentives to get this kind of thing going, It could be special offers or even a freebie of some kind or you can run a contest in which you can ask them proactively to share the images, like, follow etc.

Instagram Live Video

One of the best things that have happened to social media and marketing, in general, is that you can Go Live“.

You can do live videos and it lets you engage with your audience in real-time which is an amazing opportunity for any business.

Live videos make your brand more real, more relatable like there’s a real human being behind the brand and you can do anything with the live video, Some of my personal suggestions would be :

  • Arrange live contests with prizes. It is not always necessary that the price should be big, a small gesture of goodwill can also work if you are a small business.

  • You can announce a new product or service and get a reaction from your audience in realtime.

  • A live Q&A where your audience can ask you anything in real-time and it is one of the easiest ways to increase engagement.


If you’re a restaurant you can try doing a cooking show or whatever you do, You can do a tutorial or teach a new skill through a live video, and if you’re a content creator who actually relies on engagement this is your big chance to really get it all right.

Instagrams Stories

If you’re not using stories yet for your Instagram business, You are missing something really important here.

Instagram stories have a lot of potential in generating leads through stories and it’s another great way to announce new products or highlight a new post or a photo or a video that you’ve created somewhere else.


Post compelling stories that make your audience engage with your content.

Basically, You can ask your audience a question in one story, Then post their responses as follow
You can ask them to submit questions to you and then you answer each one in a separate story as a photo or video.

It just basically keeps the conversation going and it’s an endless content generator for you.

You can create polls, You can show video or audio snippets of your latest video or podcast episode.


In a story, You can use up to 10 hashtags. and one more thing which is not widely known is that you can actually hide your hashtags by blending the font with the solid background of your story or just shrink it down really small and then add a sticker on top of it so that way you have the benefit is still being searchable, People can type in a hashtag and you will still be found for it but it doesn’t clutter up the look of your story.

Include Call To Actions

Whenever you can, Add the call to actions on your captions because this is what’s going to make your leads engage with you and ultimately help you with the conversions.

So remember that the link in your bio is basically the one chance you have to get people to go back to where you live, your website and that’s not gonna happen if you don’t tell people to go there.


Remember though you don’t always want to direct people away from Instagram actually most of the time you just want them to engage with you which leads to building more of a relationship in a really natural way so it’s always a good idea to end every post with the question.

If you don’t ask for engagement that way people were unlikely to just say something unprompted on the road you can either add a call to action like that for your audience to engage with your post or click the link in my bio type called to action.

Make sure you are very clear with what you want your audience to do otherwise it won’t be nearly as effective as you want it to be.



In the end, I would just request you to be consistent, keep posting every day, and don’t lose hope because in the beginning it can be a little difficult but trust me all the business has started like this.

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