Rave App: “Watch Video Together” Has Just Gone Viral!

Currently, you are stuck at home and no where to go, nothing too exciting to do. Surely by now, you must’ve spent hours and hours on streaming sites already.

Well, do you know what is better than binging on Netflix alone? Binging on Netflix with friends! Now come on, we know that you will say that you already knew there is Netflix Party for that. But wait! Here at Techdevio, we ask you why stop at Netflix? What if you can stream content from YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Reddit, Google Drive, and more!

Rave App is one such platform that offers all this. You can watch together whatever you like, with your friends or even share your love for similar content by joining public “Raves” or even starting one of your own. Rave markets themselves more like social media than a content sharing app.

Rave has limited its reach to mobile devices currently, but to cater to a wider audience, the company confirmed that they will be releasing Rave for desktop soon.

How to Use Rave App?

1. Firstly, download Rave (Android/ iOS) on your phone.

iOS Download Link

Android Download Link

2. Then you need to log into by signing up with either Google, Facebook or Twitter


3. You can add your friends by syncing contacts or just look up other Rave users in the search bar on the top right corner

4. You can choose from – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Tubi, Vimeo, Reddit or watch the content of your own from Google Drive. Decide what you want to watch. Then on the bottom right corner, you can find a plus icon, using which you can start your own Rave.

5. You can keep your Rave private and send invite link via Text messages or share it via messing apps like WhatsApp / Telegram etc to your friends or even start a public Rave as a means to meet new people.

6. You can use the chat feature and even talk to friends in the middle of the video, pause it on your favorite parts, and just have fun in general. It is like hanging out with your friends in real.

7. There are options for playing Karaoke, so get creative and invite your friends to your very own Karaoke night from the comfort of your own homes!

8. Rave has also come up with Rave DJ, an AI feature that helps you mashup any songs together, you can become the next big thing, go check it out here.

Is Rave App Safe?

You need to sign in to Rave app and you are logged on all the time. The App does require certain permissions to your Media and Storage and even your Contacts, so that you could connect to them  Even though Rave App is completely safe and legit, to watch content on there you need to log in to your respective Netflix or Prime accounts. No log in is required for free content. It is a fairly secure app, however one should use proper security measures while signing in from a third party site anyways.

Rave For PC

As per the most recent update, Rave is not desktop compatible. You can install Rave for iOS and Androids only.

Rave v/s Netflix Party: Which is better?

Okay, so the next big question is, which is better, Rave or Netflix Party?

The answer to this depends upon your preferences. If you are just going to watch Netflix content, there is nothing better than Netflix Party. But if you wish to look for content on other platforms, Rave is the first option that we would suggest.

One advantage of Rave is the many platforms it supports. One disadvantage that we found out and needs to be addressed is the lack of video feature. It would be a great add on if there is a Video feature on the App. Another factor that we are concerned about is the number of glitches in videos, and also the issues in audio while talking with others. Not every user faces the same issues, so it is very subjective.

Another interesting topic that one can discuss is comparison between Desktop compatible video streaming sites v/s the Video streaming Apps available for mobiles. Again, it depends upon the consumer how they wish to watch. For a list of Alternative sites and apps to Rave look below.

Alternatives for Rave:

If you are not a fan of the Rave App or are just looking for more options, do check out this ultimate list of Rave like Apps


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