red room dark web

Horrifying Things That Happen When You Are In Red Room Dark Web

Red rooms in Dark Web are one of the most horrifying things across the Internet. You probably have heard a lot of stories about the Red Room. Getting access to the Red Room isn’t that easy. There are thousands of fake websites available on Dark Web which are fake Red Rooms to steal our money.

red room dark web

The name “Red Room” is believed to be the pun of “RedRum” which is when spelled backward says “Murder”.

It is one of the most expensive services available across the Dark Web. All the transactions are done using Bitcoin. This is because Bitcoins are untraceable.

In Simple words, Red Room is a Live Video Streaming website available in Dark Web.

What Happens In the Red Room?

Red Rooms are known for their enhanced interrogation techniques. User needs to fill some details and pay via Bitcoin to enter the live stream. The payment has to be done before the live stream starts. Our team is unable to post any screenshots or links to that due to privacy and security concerns, but we will expose the cheapest Red Room prices.

The cheapest Red Room which our team managed to find out was 0.5 BTC which is equal to as on 30th May 2020 is 4,715 USD (3,56,325 INR).

Human is stated as a subject in a Red Room. A single customer or a group of people can also ask for various stuff to be performed on the subject.

Once the payment is done by the customer, the Customer can ask for anything to be done to the Subject, Which is a Human.

The customer can type every small detail of instruction to be performed on human in a chat box available like “Cut the hands” or “any body parts”.

People who join Red Rooms generally ask for the following things:


Some people are fascinated by seeing people die in different ways. The customer can type on how he wants to see the person die.


A customer can send a message stating how to torture the person and ask to rape the.

>>General Torture

Genral Torture includes some very disturbing demands of customer like removal of some body parts, organs, smashing the eye balls, etc.


Some of people also like to chat with the subject about different things or ask some suggestions about something and then they demand to get that person killed.

Should You Join Red Room?

Till now you have guessed that joining Red Room isn’t that easy. You need to be fully prepared with everything. If you want to read more about the Dark Web, Check : The Shocking Revelation of How To Access Dark Web 2020

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