Boost Your Resume For Freshers With These Tips [2020]

Have you ever had a question on How to write an effective resume for freshers? or You just don’t have any or very little experience?

Today we will be discussing on how you should be writing your resume for freshers most effectively!

Before we build a perfect Resume for freshers. Let us have a quick look at what exactly happens at the end of all the studying.

You’re going to have a JOB

And for that, You have to APPLY for a job.

And for that, You’re going to need a RESUME.

The good thing is, Here at Tech Dev I/O, We got you covered. Once you are done reading this article, We are pretty sure that you will be easily able to make a perfect and effective Resume for freshers and experienced, that too on your own.

resume for freshers

It doesn’t really matter if you are a fresher or not. Because we covered all the topics considering the resume for freshers as well as the resume for experienced candidates.

Recipe: How To Write A Perfect Resume For Freshers?

The perfect resume for a fresher would include the following three things :

>>One thing which you should always remember is that the resume is just intended to get you an Interview.

>>You need to have enough targeted detail that will get the attention of a potential employer.

>>Your resume for freshers should be ONE simple page or something short that’s FAST to read.

Honestly, The employer only looks at it for a few seconds before they decide whether you’re a “maybe” or your resume goes right in the trash.

resume for freshers

So before you start, You need to create a separate document that is just for you here you’ll keep track of ALL your experience. All the little silly jobs you’ve done, internships, class projects – ALL of it.

You’re not going to put it all on your resume for freshers, but it’s great to have this resource to look back on when you write the real deal.

What Is A Targeted Resume For Freshers?

  • The TARGETED RESUME focuses on a specific job opening.

  • It should highlight the skills and experiences relevant to this ONE particular position.

  • This means you’re going to edit or rewrite your resume for each specific job.
resume for freshers

This sounds like a lot of work, but this kind of resume for freshers will result in much effective selection for your interview.

It makes it clear to the hiring manager that you are taking this application process seriously.

I’m not suggesting you do this for every single job opening you see. You can save it for similar positions where you really are a good fit.

Select The Best Job For You

  • Start by reviewing the Job Description carefully.

  • Make a list of all qualifications and skills they’re looking for. This will tell you what to highlight in your edited resume.

  • The ad for the job opening should list Responsibilities -take a look at what you’d be expected to do.
resume for freshers

Carefully consider if you really want to do these things. For instance. The list of responsibilities you made can also help you decide if you’re even qualified to apply. If all the tasks look very unfamiliar, it’s probably not a good fit.

Having said that – don’t take yourself out of a job because you don’t meet 100% of the qualifications. Well, You can learn on the job, once you are selected.

Remember that you are choosing to apply for jobs, just as much as they are choosing whether or not to hire you.

resume for freshers

Sometimes, the job listings aren’t written very well written, and they don’t tell you a lot about the company or the job.

That’s when you have to use your Google skills. Do your research about the company. Visit their website, and read their “About Us” section. You may even see short biographies of their employees more thorough job descriptions.

If you’re still not sure about what the job would require, try googling the job title. This step is essential. You should be very clear about the Job Title.

If you have any doubts, ask someone you know with this job title to explain what the job entails.

Let’s imagine that you’re applying to be a Computer Programmer

resume for freshers

With some research you’ll figure out that Computer Programmers have to:

1. Know one or more computer languages (they should be specified in the job listing – for example, C++, Python, Java)

2. Write computer programs

3. Update computer programs

4. Troubleshoot programs

5. Test different software

More general skills would include:

1. Analytical thinking: The ability to solve problems quickly and effectively.

2. Attention to detail:  Achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task.

3. Collaboration skills: These are the soft skills developed to interact, engage, and synergize while working towards a common goal.

4. Focus: Begin a task and then maintain attention and effort until the task is complete.

Hard Skills & Soft Skills

Different jobs will require different sets of Hard skills & Soft skills.

Hard skills are teachable and it can be quantified.
If you hold a degree in computer engineering or received a certificate that you program in C, that’s a hard skill.

Soft skills are more subjective and more difficult to quantify, and for the most part, You acquire them indirectly, gradually, through experience, that’s a soft skill.

resume for freshers

Keywords That Gurantee You Job

Now that you’ve done your research, make a list of keywords you’re going to use in your resume for freshers that are specific to the job listing.

resume for freshers

For a computer programmer, these may include:


Similarly, If you see Project Management in the job requirements, This involves:

Attention to detailLeadership skillsBenchmarking
Budget PlanningPerformance ReviewsTask Delegation
Scheduling Tasks Quality ControlForecasting

How To Build Resume For Freshers

We’re going to have just a few sections on resume for freshers that should be covered only in one page, So we need to be specific and include everything which the recruiter wants from us. Make sure you include the following 3 main sections :

>Name and Contact info

>Qualifications & Education

>Experience Highlights

resume for freshers

Name & Contact info

  • Your name at the top should be a little larger.

  • Pick a simple, standard font Ex: Arial or Times New Roman.

  • Contact information: Get a Gmail account and make sure it is professional.

  • hearthacker@gmail.com” or “loverboy@gmail.com” is not going to inspire a lot of confidence.

  • If possible, use “firstname.lastname@gmail.com“. If that’s too long, pick a simplified version of your name firstinitial.lastname or…something short and simple.
resume for freshers

Qualifications & Education

  • The Qualifications section is a short summary.

  • Here you should focus on how you are a good match for this specific position.

  • Make sure to work in the keywords mentioned above.

  • Don’t include anything extraneous here. Trim your Education section.

  • Listing your degree is sufficient in your resume for freshers.

  • If you haven’t received your degree yet, write the expected date when you’ll graduate.
resume for freshers

Experience Highlights


  • Being a college student or freshers you think you don’t have any relevant experience. I’d be surprised if you say you have zero experience.

  • Think creatively here. Think about the leadership opportunities you had, leading younger kids or friends.

  • You can also list the courses that are relevant to the job you’re applying for.

  • You can also Include the appropriate academic awards, internships, and extracurricular activities on your resume for freshers to make it look more interesting.


  • If you are an experienced candidate, Be extremely choosy here -Employer is looking for 4 or 5 entries in a bulleted list.

  • Focus on accomplishments and not your daily responsibilities.

  • Try to put yourself in the mindset of your would-be employer and think of what problem is the recruiter trying to solve.

  • You Don’t have to organize it chronologically or in terms of how long you were at a job – rather, You can put the most relevant experience at the top.

  • The most important thing, Include ACTION words at the start of each line in your bulleted list. These should give examples of how you have performed in the past and will continue to perform if you get the job.

Here are some of our favorite Action words, in no particular order:

These action words can be also used if you are writing a resume for freshers, Just if you hold relevant experience.


In other words, what new piece of work did you contribute to.


You can use the above mentioned keywords as Increased sales or Decreased waste and how did you make things that were already in place better


You can use the above mentioned keywords to show how did you face challenges.


You can use the above mentioned keywords to show how did you contribute to a functional workplace by taking on some of the leadership tasks.

Here are some of words which you should NEVER USE

Do not use any positive statements like:

Highly Motivated
Hard Worker

It’s pretty much understood that an employer expects you to be a hard worker who will get the job done.

Such cliches make people tune out because they don’t offer any real information about you.

Wherever possible, use a bulleted list rather than writing paragraphs.

Don’t make the font too small – 12 size font will ensure that no one has to squint.

We could see making an exception if you’re applying for a Design Job.

In that case, feel free to play around and bring out your designing skills. Maybe you can even consider an infographic type resume.

Final Touch To Your Resume

Once you are sure about the resume, Finally, print out a copy to check how it looks.

  • Edit and Proofread very carefully.

  • Any typos or spelling mistakes on a resume for freshers just make you look bad.

  • Pay special attention to spellings correctly and getting the dates right.

  • Do you have a mentor who is currently working? Ask for feedback. You don’t have to take every advice you get, but it’s valuable to hear how people respond to your resume.

Even if you’re not applying for a job right now, it’s a smart idea to write a resume and keep it updated.

Just writing your experience down is good exercise. It helps you reflect back on what you’ve learned


We hope you are now sure about How you could build a resume for freshers or an experienced candidate. If you want us to review and give you suggestions personally on your resume you can always contact us and send your resume to our email and we will help you personally.

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