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Tab For A Cause: All Fascinating Things You Need To Know

What if someone tells you can help end poverty and hunger? Or help the wildlife conservation programs in reaching their goals while also helping vulnerable children get a more stable and secure future…Just by surfing the internet. 

Is it really possible? 

You must be already doing your bit for the society, or maybe you are someone who wishes to be more charitable but haven’t a clue where to start. Well, Read on!

Tab for a cause was founded with a view that not everyone has the means to actually donate funds towards the causes they are passionate about. But that should not limit them from making an impact, right? 

By making one conscious change in your browsing habits, and installing Tab for a cause, you can help create a difference in the lives of many, who are in need.

tab for a cause
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Is Tab for a Cause legit?

Long story short, YES. Tab for a Cause is totally legit. Their work is summed up in their name itself. They are literally working towards generating funds for a charitable cause, one search tab at a time.

You must be wondering, what is the revenue model of this company, how does it function, and more importantly – What happens with the money it makes. Is it really creating a difference?

There are numerous testimonials about the impact Tab for a cause has been creating. You might’ve even read about it the news or some other blogs at some point. And yes, the fact that they donate up to 30% of the total earnings is also true. Wait a minute…so what happens to the rest of the funds?

tab for a cause

How Does It Work & Earn?

Before you dismiss Tab for a cause as another one of internet’s scams, consider the fact that even while running a non-profit organization, there are certain overheads involved. 

One thing that we absolutely love about this organization is the complete transparency they maintain.

You can click the button and check their quarterly financial reports:

Quarterly Financial Reports Of Tab For A Cause

tab for a cause

While using Tab for a Cause, the amount of funds you can raise varies between 1/10 to 1 cent per every new tab opened by you. Now, even though the amount seems almost negligible, think of it in this way- every penny earned this way will add up to something big. The website earns through the ads posted on the search results. You don’t even need to click on the ads, just viewing them is enough to generate funds.

tab for a cause

You can also keep track of the funds raised by you. Each tab opened while using this extension will help you gain “Hearts” and you can later donate these “Hearts” to the charities listed on the website. You can also send an invite link to your friends as a means of earning even more “Hearts.” 

How To Install Tab for a Cause?

Now that you have read about what Tab for a Cause is, and how it is helping in making a difference- One search at a time, you’d be wondering how to install it on your browser. 

You can visit their site:  https://tab.gladly.io/ and find a quick link to add their extension to your browser. It will lead you directly to the App store. 

It is available for Chrome, Firefox as well as Microsoft Edge.

You just then need to log into it using an email and create your profile, And you’re good to go!

tab for a cause

A quick side note: If you have an ad blocker installed already, you might have to add this to the whitelist.

How To Uninstall Tab for a cause?

You have already installed and used Tab for a cause, and somehow, it is hampering your browsing experience, so now you wish to uninstall it? We got you covered.
Here are a few steps which will help you do so:

For Chrome:

  1. On your computer, open Google Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More   More tools  Extensions.
  3. Select tab for a cause to remove, click Remove.
  4. Confirm by clicking Remove.
tab for a cause

For Firefox:

  1. Click the menu button, click  Add-ons, and select Extensions.
  2. Scroll through the lists of extensions.
  3. Click the ellipsis or 3-dot icon for the Tab for a cause extension and select Remove.

Other Alternatives Of Tab For A Cause:

We even made a list of some popular and similar alternatives of Tab for a Cause for you.

These extensions and apps that make it easier for you to contribute to various causes, without any additional hassles. 

  • Ecosia – The tree-planting search engine.
  • SmileAlways – Redirects Amazon to smile.amazon so you’re always donating.
  • Skrlla – Send $1 to charity in a single tap.
  • Tinbox App – Give a free corporate-sponsored dollar to charity, every day.


We wish to highlight that it is very easy to fall into traps of fraud these days. Here at Tech Dev I/O, we highly recommend that you download only legitimate extensions and apps. 

To stay safe online, you can follow some basic steps like- check whether the publisher is a credible party or not and you can also read up more about it, check out reviews and see if it really is useful and relevant to you or not. 

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