Unpopular Things About Udemy Course No One Tells You About

Our Review on Udemy:

Ever since the MOOC movement, eLearning has become somewhat of a trend. It offers the flexibility of timings, a wide variety of Udemy courses and materials to choose from, and moreover an online community spread across the globe that surely makes it a diverse learning experience.

Udemy is one such online learning platform where one gets lifetime access to over +100,000 courses by established experts in their fields. If you wish to upgrade your skills or try your hand at learning new ones, this is a quite good option. They market themselves as a platform that offers videos and learning material on almost any topic, from your personal growth to your professional one.

There are a  ton of courses on Udemy to choose from, ranging from Finance to Marketing, IT, Lifestyle to Music and Photography, and what not. There’s even a course on there on how to design your courses and eLearning content, so why go any other place, Right?

Udemy has basically three types of features:

1. Udemy account for learners (basic)
2. Teach for Udemy
3. Udemy for Business.

We have details about all three below:

>>Udemy for Learners:

Most learners on Udemy are looking to polish their skills so that they can become more “job-ready”. It is one such reason why around 50 million students worldwide are connected to Udemy.

udemy courses free

Before you decide to get yourself started on this journey of self-growth, let us take a look at a few features of Udemy so that you can choose if it is the best option for you:

  • Free lifetime access to courses you have already purchased, no additional costs for the updates, and revised editions of the lessons and the course material put out later on.
  • Prices of courses are generally averaging between $12 to $50 and capped at $199.99.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee, if you decide to opt-out of a course.
  • There is a difference between accredited courses and non-accredited ones. Choose wisely while selecting the courses.
  • Udemy certificates generally are not counted as an option to a professional degree or a certificate by the recruiter. You can take up courses to upgrade yourself and better yourself at already existing skills. Some courses can help you train for certifications that you wish to get, which is also a good option.
  • Anyone and everyone with a knack for teaching can put out a course on Udemy. It does not always mean that their content or teaching method will be suitable for you. Look out for demo lectures before you enroll yourself.
  • Also look out for details like the course ratings, thoroughly go through reviews, compare prices, and even check when was the course last updated and whether the instructor is engaged in doubt solving and responding to queries and suggestions on the course thread.

>>Udemy for Business:

Udemy business is a feature launched by Udemy to targetted at corporate clients. It is a subscription based model unlike the normal Udemy account, which functions on a lifetime access model. However this subscription is bought by the organization and offered to their employees as a means for corporate training.


Organizations find Udemy for Business courses to be effective in imparting important corporate skills to their employees. There are over 3500 high rated courses, especially curated to suit the needs of the business houses and their employees.

The employees keep upskilling themselves by taking up courses on the platform, which is necessary to remain relevant in today’s competitive world. It offers them scope for growth and a way to find skills they can do better at.

>>Teach on Udemy: 

You might just be looking out for new opportunities, maybe a passive income or just doing it out of your love for teaching, but if you have a passion to teach and a niche that you have some expertise over, you can get your feet wet by putting out a few courses at Udemy. It is quite easy to become an instructor at Udemy.

udemy courses free

All you need to do is fill out a basic application and the team at Udemy will review it, you can also decide whether you wish to keep the courses free or decide on a price range. All the details are sorted during the application process.

Get Started Here

How to save money on Udemy Courses? 

A basic internet search and you will find yourself hundreds and hundreds of Udemy coupons. Before you get too doubtful about this and dismiss it as another one of the internet’s traps or cons, check again, you might end up saving yourself some money.

  • Udemy business model is such that through normal enrollments via the site, the educator is only entitled to 50% of the fee amount. Rest goes as a commission to the platform whereas if you use the coupon code or an affiliate link provided by the educator, only around 3% goes to Udemy.
  • Many learners are dependant on the promotion codes or offers and sales put out time to time by Udemy, but you can check with the educator and confirm if they have any coupons out which can be used.
  • We also noticed that same courses are priced differently while accessing from different platforms. Take a look at this:

Udemy Website on Chrome

udemy courses free

Udemy iOS App

udemy courses free
  • Another similar trick is to hold on to the courses and mark them in your wish list or in your shopping cart. Sooner or later when the said course goes on sale, you will be notified via email and then you can get the course on the best price.
  • Do not buy a course that is available on other platforms for free or at an even lower price. You can even find similar courses for free if you search for it. Also avoid impulse buys at times of sales, the prices are highly fluctuating on the platform, so you’ll be able to get a better deal later on too.

How to get Udemy Courses for Free?

Not everyone can get themselves a premium account or pay for courses even if it is at the lowest of low prices, and in this era of technology, anything and everything is readily available at your fingertips. Here are a few tricks that can get you Udemy courses or similar ones at no cost.

udemy courses free
  • As discussed above, you can get subscribed to Udemy Business by asking your employer or organization.
  • Search! Search! Search! It is the key. Everything is readily available out there, you just need to get a little proactive and keep your eye out for courses of your interest. Most people share their knowledge readily on Youtube, their websites, and even on other learning and collaboration sites for free.
  • Another tip is to look up the course on the sites you can get torrent files from. It is not actually a viable option, as you only get the files and course material, but no support from the instructor or the learner’s community on Udemy.

It is highly advisable that you do your research thoroughly and not fall for false advertisements. Use only legitimate links and coupons provided, as any malpractices can get you banned from the site and you can loose access to your account.

Keep all these tips in your mind before making a purchase, so that the course you end up buying is worth every penny put in.

Is getting a Udemy account worth it?

After reading all this, you must get an answer to this is not plain yes or no. Like any other decision, it is totally up to you. Make informed choices as it is what it is in the end, a marketplace for online learning content and buyer’s discretion is advisable. 

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