Is Work From Home Online The Most Trending Thing In 2020?

What is “WFH” ?

Traditional workspace as we know has seen a lot of changes in recent times. Due to this current global pandemic, people are forced to stay at home, and companies have had to figure out a way to continue working. Combining these two situations, the concept of “Work from Home” or WFH gained popularity.

Working from home entails staying within the comforts of ones own home and working through the computer. It is possible in most fields like the IT and allied sectors, the service industry where the business can offer support online.

WFH is not new concept as it came into being since the widespread use of Computers began in the late 90s. Though it started gaining momentum only recently, as the employers are now promoting WFH as a means of continuing to work in this lockdown era.

WFH (Work From Home) In India 

If you’re an IT professional from India, there’s a high chance that you’re in the 90% of the employees who have have been working from home currently due to the lockdown caused by COVID-19

India, since long has been a destination for IT Companies from the 1991 LPG Policy implemented by the government to the boom in outsourcing sector, India continues to remain a global leader in the IT-BPM sector. There are global IT companies like TCS, Wipro, Amdocs, Infosys, Tech Mahindra and many more working primarily from India, employing around 40 lakh people in this sector.

work from home online

However, before the lockdown, the offices were the norm. We did not have much prevalence of this WFH (Work from home online) culture. Only a select few were the ones who worked from home, that too temporarily. Times changed and now, everyone is supposed to stay indoors. Being dynamic as always, IT companies were swift enough to adapt to this situation as well. Most of the work done by these professionals can be done remotely and does not require them to be physically present in the offices.

Organizations had to overcome many technical difficulties like providing the systems and laptops to every employee, internet and connectivity issues, dealing with various legislations and what not, all the while prioritizing the well being of their employees.

WFH in Post Lockdown era

It is highly possible that even after the lockdown ends and things start going back to the normal, we will see companies continue to be working on this WFH model in the future. Most Indian IT giants have already declared to do so. They have been thinking of moving their work forces in such a way that only a minimum number of employees have to be physically stay present in the office at any given time. 

Some aspects of WFH

work from home online

A change in the normal working environment is bound to create its fair share of challenges and opportunities. Let us ponder over a few aspects WFH is bound to create changes in:

>> Legal aspects:

Leaders from IT Industries have reached out to NASSCOM and the Government regarding changes that should be brought in to protect their, as well as the employees’ rights in the light of WFH gaining popularity read more.

>> Job cuts/ Turnover

Indian IT-BPM sector has been notoriously famous for being one where there is a large volume of employee turnover. This in turn has been some kind of a disadvantage for the Outsourcing Industry. Providing the employee to opportunity work from home may result in retention of employees.

>> Salary Cuts:

The world economy has been severely affected due to the global pandemic. Millions have lost their jobs whereas the incomes & savings cycle is expected to take a hit too. Many organizations have already declared a reduction or even no annual hike this FY2020-21.

>>Abundance of Highly qualified/ skilled employees:

WFH model enables a person to work remotely from any place with actually being physically present in the office. With this feature, organizations will be able to hire highly skilled employees from anywhere without thinking about any other additional costs and overheads.

>> Change in industries to facilitate:

Industries will need to adapt to various changes being brought about by this new trend. Organizations have already started to come up with plans to make the WFH model the future of Workplace.

>> Productivity:

Productivity basically refers to the amount of time spent on the “right” work. While working from home, employees save commute time, spend lesser time overall on communicating with their teams and reduce wastage of time on non work related things. All these are bound to have an increase in the employees’ performance.

On the other hand, there exists a chance that the employee is unable to find a stable and calm environment to work in hampering his productivity. It can basically go either of the two ways and there are measures that one can take to ensure the work does not get hampered.  

work from home online

IS WFH the Future?

The unexpected changes in the World at this time, has led to severe alterations in the usual working conditions, what used to be a normal desk job with fixed hours has gone to  service which is being provided as and when required, by working remotely. From flexible hours for the employees, to reduced overhead costs for the organizations, to the increasing trend of productivity to finding a harmony in the work-life balance in these times, there are a lot of developments WFH is supposed to bring and we are just seeing a beginning of this.

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